With the emergence of Islamic Financing around the world, LOLC Finance focused its attention towards Shari'ah Compliant Financing and brought a new facet to the financial services industry of Sri Lanka. Driven by the goal of playing a more active role in developing this sector, we established a dedicated Islamic Business Unit in an effort to ensure that all products and services are handled in accordance to Shari'ah concepts, thereby guaranteeing consistency with Islamic principles at all times. 

Since then, Al-Falaah, our Islamic Business Unit has strived to take Islamic Financing to greater heights, extending its portfolio to offer a number of profit-sharing investment options to not only the Muslim community but the entire nation at large. We have so far developed 7 main products under our product portfolio: Mudharabah - Profit Sharing Investments & Savings, Wakala – Long Term Investments, Ijarah - Leasing, Murabaha - Trade Financing, Diminishing Musharakah - Property & Project Financing, Musawamah - Import Finance and Wakala - Business and Working Capital Finance.



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