ORIX Champ Commemorates World Children’s Day - 04 Oct 2012

Commemorating World Children’s Day on the 1st of October 2012, Lanka ORIX Finance PLC (LOFC) rewarded its “ORIX Champ” minor savings account holders, an attractive rate of 12.5%.

LOFC organized a special Children’s Day event at the Royal College, Polonnaruwa, which also housed its first student savings centre, established two years ago.

Considering the significance of this milestone for LOFC, as well as the close relations maintained with the school since then, at the invitation of its Principal Mr. Yapa Chandraratne, the Company extended its fullest support to the school to organize the event.

At the ceremony, LOFC rewarded many of the top achievers of the Grade 5 scholarship exam, and other academically gifted students, with “ORIX Champ” savings accounts, branded savings tills, along with other exciting gift packs.

Mr. Gamini Jayaweera, Assistant General Manager – Northern and North Central Regions and Mr. Sumedha Kulathilaka, Branch Head - Polonnaruwa Branch, together with the school’s Principal, handed over the gift items to the children.

Commenting on the significance of this event, Mrs. Roshani Weerasekara, Deputy General Manager – Marketing (Savings and Deposits), said, “To encourage the habit of saving from a young age, our “ORIX Champ” minor savings accounts offer a lucrative savings rate of 12.5% for children up to the age of 18 years. In addition, we have also offered parents a valuable opportunity to plan their children’s future well into their adult years, where they stand to obtain a higher return for their investments.”

Snap shots from the World Children’s Day event held at the Royal College, Polonnaruwa in collaboration with Lanka ORIX Finance PLC. Image on the Left: A student receiving a gift pack from Mr. Gamini Jayaweera, Assistant General Manager – Northern and North Central Regions, whilst Mr. Sumedha Kulathilaka, Branch Head - Polonnaruwa Branch and Mr. Yapa Chandraratne, the school Principal look on. Image on the Right: Students performing Eastern and Western dance items.
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