Lanka ORIX Finance Company Ltd. embarks on an exciting new journey - 24 May 2011

Member Company of LOLC re-launched with new logo


Celebrating its unprecedented success as the fastest growing Registered Finance Company (RFC) in Sri Lanka, Lanka ORIX Finance Company Ltd. embarked on a new journey today by renewing its identity. The Company’s new logo was unveiled by Mr. Ishara Nanayakkara, Deputy Chairman of the LOLC Group and Mr. Kapila Jayawardena, Group Managing Director/CEO of LOLC at an internal brief held at LOLC Head Office recently.

"The new logo demonstrates the versatility and the independent strength of the Company." said the Group Managing Director/CEO of LOLC, Mr. Kapila Jayawardena. "We are entering a new phase where Lanka ORIX Finance Company is evolving, and where its stellar financial performance speaks volumes of its consistent progress throughout the years. The Company carved a niche position in the financial sector by becoming the fastest growing RFC in the country. As Member Company of the LOLC Group, it offered lasting and trustworthy financial solutions to all sectors, with the SME sector being one of the primary sectors. Many of its customers are rising entrepreneurs from the regions who had immense confidence in the Company. As time progressed, Lanka ORIX Finance Company evolved into a stoic, mature and responsible corporate citizen. Thus, we gave an already established finance company its own unique identity, in order to further raise the levels of customer confidence."

The new identity will continue to reflect values of trust and strength that Lanka ORIX Finance Company upholds whilst offering an opportunity for it to grow and diversify. The new tag line "Imagine the Opportunities" envisage enormous opportunities for customers to make use of as the Company forges ahead.

Staying true to the identity of its parent company - the LOLC Group - the new logo of Lanka ORIX Finance Company boasts of the trademark colours Blue and Red. These colours symbolize strength, vitality, trust and solid stability – values which are synonymous with the stoic reputation of the mother brand. "The new logo launch demonstrates Lanka ORIX Finance Company blossoming out of the LOLC brand. It reflects a new beginning for the Company. Lanka ORIX Finance Company has always maintained values of the highest order, ensuring good governance and ethical business practices at all times. This is the culture and environment within which Lanka ORIX Finance Company was nurtured by the parent company. That is why our customers have faith in us. We have captured these values in our new identity." Mr. Jayawardena reiterated.

The Group Managing Director/CEO further explained that Lanka ORIX Finance Company will continue to function as a distinct financial entity supported by its own operational strength, whilst being a part of the LOLC Group. Explaining this further he said, "With the recent developments in meeting regulatory requirements, we have been well ahead and have taken necessary steps to ensure compliance. We are making a conscious effort to establish Lanka ORIX Finance Company's independent identity. Thus, we have distinguished it from the LOLC brand allowing it to grow as a standalone brand. The launch of the new logo itself is a step towards it."

Commenting further Mr. Jayawardena said that the Company possesses the capability and the required strength in financial, corporate and human resources.

Lanka ORIX Finance Company Ltd., a member company of the LOLC Group, commenced its commercial operations in June 2003. Fixed Deposits, leasing, hire purchases, loan products, savings and foreign currency business are Company’s core business activities. In addition, Lanka ORIX Finance Company operates as a trustworthy channel for foreign currency remittance – one of the fast developing businesses of the Company today. Moreover, as a result of a recent partnership established with Commercial Bank, Lanka ORIX Finance Company offers its savings account holders the opportunity of accessing their savings accounts through 400+ Commercial Bank ATM network located island wide. In addition, all savings account holders of Lanka ORIX Finance Company have access to the Maestro network. Nearing a decade of experience in the non-bank financial sector, Lanka ORIX Finance Company is the only RFC backed by a global financial giant, the ORIX Corporation of Japan - the single largest leasing company in the world and the second largest in Japan. Furthermore, Lanka ORIX Finance Company is the only non-bank financial institution authorized by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to engage in foreign currency business.

In conclusion, Mr. Jayawardena said. "We want to give all the financial services with least inconveniences to all Sri Lankans. Our facilities are for all individuals. We are catering to the common man. They can fulfill all their financial requirements conveniently under one roof. While the Company is forging ahead with the new identity and setting trends of the highest standards, giving value to its stakeholders is of paramount importance in meeting all regulatory requirements. It is our hope that with this new identity, Lanka ORIX Finance Company will progress further to become the leader in Sri Lanka’s financial sector"

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